Links: What Books Say

The New York Times posted an interesting short article on what the books you own might say about you. One of my favorite quotes the author, Leah Price, brings up is from etiquette guru Emily Post, who to my delight actually spoke against using unread books to fill your home – because really, there’s nothing more fake than displaying books you never have touched. The article doesn’t actually tell you how to figure out what your books are saying, but it is an excerpt from Price’s upcoming book, so I’m interested in reading more. (Just what I need, books about books.)

With my own shelves full of comics, children’s books and YA novels it’d be interesting to see what my books say about me – but it might not be anything too strange. According a Boston Globe article, young adult literature is basically outselling adult fiction, mainly because so many adults read YA themselves. It irks me a bit that it apparently started with Twilight, but that logic makes a lot of sense, and hey, whatever keeps people from asking me awkward questions about why I’m reading kids stuff.

Also on Shelf Awareness, a short blip on Barnes & Noble hints that they may be offering physical/digital book bundles. About time, I say. DVDs have digital copy – what the heck took books so long? The link is here but be warned, there’s another freaky-as-hell James Patterson picture, for god knows what reason.

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