What I’m Reading: Lirael, Color of Magic

Again, I’ve been very terrible at keeping up with this blog. I really do have to write out a schedule and just keep to it.

This week I went on vacation with my mother to Sanibel Island, Florida. It’s a lovely place, with lots of animals and warm ocean water. And, plenty of time to read.

Starting with the plane ride down here, I read the sequel to Sabriel by Garth Nix, Lirael. This book was a long one, just squeaking over 700 pages, but thanks to wonderful free time I finished it in a few days. I’m always a little disappointed with sequels when the characters from the first book have grown up, and now we are following a new set. As interesting as the new main characters, Lirael and Sammeth, are, I had been looking forward to going back into Sabriel’s head, at least for part of the book. It’s sad that wasn’t to be, but like I said the new kids were great fun. Nix’s characters have so many layers to them, and it’s very fun to see Lirael as both a self-pitying child and a strong and intelligent female lead, often close to the same time. Like with Sabriel I feel like this book is too long for itself, but that didn’t keep me from getting sucked in for hundreds of pages at a time. Still, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who didn’t already enjoy fantasy and was ready to dig in and read. Unlike Sabriel this book ended with a distinct cliffhanger, so now I have to find myself a copy of Abhorsen.

I have also begun reading another Terry Pratchett novel, The Color of Magic, which tops out at a much less imposing 200 pages. While it’s been funny so far, I’m glad I started the Discworld series off with Men at Arms and The Wee Free Men. This one just isn’t hooking me quite so well, and there’s no Corporal Carrot or Tiffany Aching! Travesty.

Also, as I said, I am on Sanibel, and this island is about 50% nature preserve. So there are birds everywhere. Everywhere. Beaches, side of the road, rooftops, backyard – big ol’ birds. So of course I brought my Peterson Field Guide to Birds, and I’ve been bringing it everywhere in an attempt to figure out what I’m looking at (there are a lot of snipes/sandpipers/plovers, and they all look so, so much the same).

My second MFA semester is just about finished, which means for about two weeks I can read whatever I want! A lot of this will consist of review copies that are literally stacking up, but also so, so much Terry Pratchett.

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