MFA Day 6

This morning we had Susan Goodman’s Writing Dynamic Non-Fiction seminar, for the Writing for Young People group. This seminar was great, not only because Susan is an amazing person, but because the subject was actually really interesting, despite the fact that we all write fiction. This was the class where we had to bring in a nonfiction book we enjoyed and talk about it, which for me was Me…Jane. We looked at some other interesting books, and how they employ narrative arc to make the story really fascinating. After class I also bugged Susan about the process of writing a picture book, and how much you need to have mapped out as far as the page count and where the words fall on the page. Turns out, not much.

The afternoon was the last round of large group workshops, and I was up first. After some nice comments, Tony Abbott looks at me and says “You don’t need us to compliment you, right?” My response, “…no….” And then they started in. It wasn’t that my piece was bad, as I did receive a number of compliments from the others and Tony, but since the time is so limited he focused on my problems. I think he figured I could handle it, or something.

I also ran into Janet this afternoon, and bugged her more about how my proposal for a picture book independent study was going. She’s sent it off to the potential adviser, so now it’s just a waiting game. She doesn’t seem to think it will be a problem, but I have my fingers crossed all the same.

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