MFA: Day Five

Another Tuesday came and went, and I’m happy to say that this time I did not hit the wall. The day started with Tony Abbott sounding way too smart for me, in a seminar looking at how nonfiction, fiction and poetry “cross pollinate” and influence each other, and how one form can be used to enhance the other one.

After that was our mentor meetings to hash out what we’ll be doing over the semester, so I got to see Tony once again. He was prepared with a list of things he wanted me to do, as well as books he wanted me to read, and what I should look for when doing my craft annotations. For the writing I’ll still be working on Speaksong, but I asked that we also see if we have time to work on Becky, the novel I began working on with David Elliott back at Colby-Sawyer. The poor thing’s been shelved for so long, and I want to bring it back out before it becomes too stale. We may not get to it, but I was happy to hear that Tony was open to it. At the end of the meeting he also gave me a short stack of books to read – not for annotations or any course work, but just ones he thought would be good to look at for middle-grade fiction. It was so nice, I was a little floored. I’m so excited to be working with him…

Today was the short day, so I spent some time wandering about, and getting some (very little) work done. For dinner I walked with Rachel, Elley and Hunter to this Afghani/Nepalese restaurant, where I ate delicious pumpkin curry while Elley and Hunter learned all about his country and life.

Tomorrow is the seminar with Susan Goodman on writing Non-fiction children’s books. I’m not sure how that will help me personally, but I trust the program, and I love Susan, so I’m looking forward to the class – and the chance to talk about my new favorite book.

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