MFA: Day Seven!

The week is almost done, and I can’t believe it. As quickly as my time here went last semester, this semester seems to be zooming past.

We had an interesting seminar in the morning with Tony Eprile, looking at observations. We talked about what we observe, how characters observe, and how this can be used in our writing. We also talked about how noting the specific things our characters do or do not see can help define who they are.

After this I stopped by Lisa Robinson’s graduating seminar, on the writer’s unconscious mind. I enjoyed the things she talked about here, but I also felt like I already learned a bit of it in Barbara Baig’s Art of the English Sentence course, when we learned about freewriting.

This afternoon was the start of small group workshops. Most people were able to finish today, no problem – but most people aren’t working with Tony Abbott. My god, this man is thorough. In over three hours we made our way through Hunter and Elley’s pieces, but Jaime and I are still left for tomorrow.We both submitted a continuation of our large group manuscripts, so maybe ours won’t be as intense – maybe.

I watched the graduating readings, then headed upstairs for the second semester reception! … but no one came. Steve Cramer forgot to announce our reception, and that combined from everyone being a bit… indisposed after the Wednesday night reception kept the party small. But I appreciated it, since I was actually able to hear the conversations going on around me. I only wish some more of the professors had stuck around; I only have so long to see them, and I already feel like our time is so, so limited.

Still, I had an excellent conversation with Sharon, a fellow 2nd semester WFYP who I rarely see, since we’ve never been in the same large group. I had fun chilling and talking with others way past when I thought I would, and may have accidentally gotten myself on board to help run an event. I also made some new friends, which seem to be in large supply here.

Tomorrow should be an easier day… but I’ve said that before, haven’t I?

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