Animated Distractions: I Love Cartoons

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you’ve figured out that I like comics. Possibly you’ve also used your deductive prowess to realize: I also freaking love cartoons.

Bee and PuppycatI think the only time in my life when I wasn’t watching cartoons was somewhere in that awkward 11-13 year old stage, when I thought that I wasn’t supposed to anymore. I got over that pretty quickly. Then I found anime, and after that there was no hope really that most of my television viewing would be of the non-live action variety.

So, as an adult, I constantly watch animated shows. Not just the Adult Swim variety, but the things shown on the regular Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon blocks. And while I enjoy a great deal of what gets made even today, there are some that I’m simply obsessed with, those that I find so impressive that I’m thrilled with the creativity of people and inspired in my own work. Since cartoons have and always will influenced me, I feel like even on a blog about writing and books there’s room to talk about them.

I’ll ramble on specifically about different shows and movies in the future, but for now, here are some cartoons that are currently just making my life better:

  • Adventure Time. So weird, so crazy, yet so. Emotional.

    Adenture Time Marceline and Ice King
    This episode blew my mind.
  • Bee and Puppycat. You can really tell Natasha Allegri likes Sailor Moon. In a good way.
  • Steven Universe. Adorable kid saves the world with some kick-butt ladies. Yes.
  • Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Not as fantastic as the last series, but still, fantastic.
  • …and others that I won’t pass up if I happen to catch it, like Clarence, Wander Over Yonder, My Little Pony, and Gravity Falls.

Do you watch cartoons? Is there anything that influences you creatively? What other cartoons should I watch?


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