#FreeComicBookDay Family Time

This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. I love going out on that day. An excuse to go to a comic shop, free reading materials, and the wonderful obligation to buy books to counter all the free stuff I’m taking off the shelf. Ah, bliss.

Free Comic Book Day

There’s one other thing I’ve really started to enjoy seeing each year: the families. Not just a mom or dad being dragged to various comic shops by their too-young-to-drive kid, but whole units, parents and kids, making their way through the shop together. Dad’s got his Superman hat on, Mom’s sporting a Green Lantern tee. Even baby’s decked out in a Batman onesie. And it’s not (just) awkward parents forcing their hobby on their children, these are families that each enjoy comics to their own degree, in their own way, so Free Comic Book Day becomes an outing that the whole family can enjoy, that they can bond over.

My husband and I are awkward nerds. Chances are, we will one day have an awkward nerd baby. So, it makes me happy for my future that families can get together and have fun with their shared passion, as happy and as normal as anything else you’d expect families to do.

2 thoughts on “#FreeComicBookDay Family Time

  1. I wish I worked in a public library. I feel like Free Comic Book Day would have been an awesome event. Unfortunately, I work at an academic library where no one really touched the free comics :( It was a sad time. But, I could take as many copies as I wanted home so it wasn’t so bad for me! Lol

    • We actually didn’t have a Free Comic Book Day event at the library I work at (though there was one at the library in my town). As the only comic-reader in the building, it didn’t occur to me to bring it up to the people in charge until it was too late to really plan anything. But, next year. Yes.

      We went to a couple of comic shops near us (oddly enough southern NH boasts a plethora of comic shops) so we still wound up with enough. =)

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