Still Preparing for the MFA

I managed to get all of my manuscripts read for the large and small group workshops at Lesley. I’ve only worked with two of the women in my group before, but only one of them submitted a continuation of a previous story. Everything else is rough beginnings, but it’s fun to see everyone branching out and trying different genres of writing.

Last semester almost everyone else wrote a fantasy story, but this time there is more focus on realistic young adult stories. I’m really interested in seeing what their comments are on Speaksong, especially if they have no experience working in fantasy themselves; I got some of my best comments from a woman like that last time.

I’m pretty behind on my seminar readings, but I should be able to finish most of them on time. But the most important part is the large and small group work, so I’m not too worried.

I’ll try to have a couple more posts this week. Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I can’t say a thing or two.

2 thoughts on “Still Preparing for the MFA

    • Those can be addicting. My sister loves Sarah Dessen, I should give her a try some time.

      And thank you! The reading load is much lighter than it was my first semester; for some reason, they have you go to more seminars then.

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