Preparing for the MFA, Second Semester

I was reminded the other day that in just over 2 weeks I go back to Cambridge and start the second semester of my creative writing MFA. I had a momentary panic attack, realizing all the things I have to get done: read workshop manuscripts, critique workshop manuscripts, prepare for seminars… For a second, I was a bit terrified.

Then I looked at what I had to prepare. I don’t have as many seminars as a second semester student; other students had mentioned this last time, but it’s true, there just isn’t as long of a list for me after first semester. And I’ve been getting through the manuscripts pretty quickly. I read all of my large group work, I just need better comments on a couple, and I only have 3 to read for small group. So really it’s not that bad… I just have to make sure I don’t slack.

I’ll try to write a day-to-day account of what I’m doing, like I did last time. It was helpful for me, at least, at getting me to remember and solidify everything I was learning.

I’m not so nervous that I feel ill this time, but I am so excited. I can’t wait.

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