New Reviews! Bunny Drop, Sugarholic, Che Guevara

Bunny Drop Josei Manga
Bunny Drop

I managed to get two reviews up on Suite 101 this week. The first was a review of the first two volumes of Yen Press’s Bunny Drop, a josei manga about 30-year-old bachelor who finds out at his grandfather’s funeral that the old man had a love child. No one wants the girl, so he steps up and takes her in. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s a really sweet, honest tale about being a parent. The other review went up just last night, a look at Che Guevara: A Manga Biography from Penguin Books. Like the Dalai Lama bio (which I reviewed!) it’s an interesting look at a historical figure that I feel most people don’t really know about. It read a little too much like a history lesson for me, but it was still great.

On Mania my review for Sugarholic volume 2 went online earlier this week. The story was okay, but I wasn’t a fan of the art. Her characters’ expressions were just weird. I finished my review of Hero Tales vol. 4, but that won’t go up until Wednesday.

I have a huge pile of books from Campfire, Yen Press and VIZ that I still need to read and review. I’ll probably do Black Butler (first 3 volumes) next week, and Cross Game.

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