New Review, Vampire Knight Article, NaNo?


Harry Houdini Campfire Graphic Novel Biography
Harry Houdini

I’ve only had one review posted since my last post, on Campfire‘s biography of Harry Houdini. The illustrations were done by the same person who did Moby Dick, but I didn’t like his drawings as much in this graphic novel. I also wrote a review for Mania, which should be posted tomorrow; I’ll give a link then.


I also wrote an article based on a VIZ Media press release, on Vampire Knight Guilty streaming on VIZ Anime. I haven’t been writing up these articles as much lately, but I like repeating the news that you can watch this stuff for free, or at least legally, without stealing it whenever I can. I want to write a couple articles on where you can read manga scans online. I already did one, but there have been some more programs and apps that have been rising up.

NaNoWriMo starts in a couple weeks. I think I know what story I’ll be doing, but I should still write up a quick outline so I don’t hit a wall halfway through the month. Hopefully I can still keep up with NaNo even while writing reviews, getting ready for Lesley, and still working on my other projects, like Becky and Speaksong.

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