So This Blog-thing…

Wow. I have been BAD at keeping a blog. I’ll try to improve.

Fantasy/Historical Manga ©DMP
Knights Vol. 1

I’ve started reviewing titles for Digital Manga Publishing off of their eManga website. DMP has quite honestly never had my favorite titles, but so far they have been fantastic to work with! I’ve already reviewed 5 titles from them, including Harlequin manga (that one’s been a mixed bag): Alice the 101st, Wolf God, Knights, Public Wife, Private Mistress and The Billionaire’s Secret Baby. I’ve tried to get in contact with other companies, but with no luck. Ah, well–only have so much time to read extra material anyway.

I’ll update my info to include all of my reviews – maybe I’ll even alphabetize them! Wouldn’t that be neat! Possibly that will be done tomorrow.

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