New Manga Review: Black Butler 9

I haven’t been able to update this lately; I’ve been horrendously busy finishing everything for this semester of school (craft essay is the devil) and starting a new part-time job. I haven’t even been able to write reviews much, but I finally got a new one up the other day.

Black Butler volume 9 was another good installment to the series; the goofiness was limited, and the plot was exciting. I hope that Toboso can keep it up in the next volume. The review is up at Suite 101.

I hope to get another review done this week. At the very least, I’ll make an actual, real blog post about something.


Quick Recap – What’s Going On?

I fell off the wagon again and forgot I had a blog. Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to since the last time I remembered to post.

First off, I’m very happy to say that I’m now a new contributing writer at Manga Bookshelf. In my new monthly column, Comic Conversion, I’ll be comparing prose novels with the graphic novel adaption. To kick things off I compared Witch & Wizard with the manga from Yen Press. For the next one I want to look at my favorite book, The Alchemist, and that graphic novel, and then the Pride and Prejudice and the comic from Marvel. After that I’m not entirely positive – I’ll make it up as I go.

I’ve also gotten a few more reviews written for both The Fandom Post and Suite 101. Most recent is my review of Tesoro, but I’ve also reviewed Dawn of the Arcana, The Innocent, Nura volume 5 and Kimi ni Todoke volume 8.

Work’s going forward with our second Digital Manga Guild project, Blanc. Our Typesetter is almost finished, so once that’s been quality checked we can send it off. At this rate I don’t know if it will get on the site before January, but we’ll see.

And finally and probably most importantly, I’ve gotten underway with my preparations for my third semester at Lesley. All of the readings and workshop manuscripts have been posted, so now it’s just three straight weeks of reading to get ready. I can’t believe I’m already halfway done with the program…

Review Recap: Sad Monsters, Sketch Monster, Nura & Psyren

I’ve fallen behind on this again, so let’s take a look at my reviews from the last couple of weeks.

First on Suite 101 I wrote a review for Sad Monsters, a humor book by Frank Lesser (who happens to write for Colbert Report). Because I’m apparently on some list at Penguin this book was sent to me randomly, but I’m glad it was. Written in short chapters with styles ranging from diary entries to Craigslist ads, Sad Monsters sets to prove that monsters are just as sad and messed up as humans. With all the paranormal romance stuff going around, it’s pretty relevant, and funny.

Next is Sketch Monsters, a kid’s comic that originally previewed with Power Lunch. This one was really cute, and funny, but I think I enjoyed Power Lunch more.

On The Fandom Post I wrote a review for Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan volume 4. I wasn’t a fan of this Shonen Jump title at first, but I’m glad to say that it just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to review the next one.

I can’t say that for Psyren, which I reviewed for Suite 101 just the other day. Even though a lot of Shonen Jump manga tend to prove themselves after the first volume, this one was just so dull that I don’t care to see where it goes from here.

Review Recap: Gandhi Manga and Sailor V

I somehow managed to get two reviews done for Suite 101 last week! Though only one was actually a review copy I received…

First up was Gandhi: A Manga Biography by Kazuki Ebine. This book came from Penguin, who have also kindly sent me the manga biographies for the Dalai Lama and Che Guevara. The Gandhi bio was not as good, coming out dull.

Yesterday I decided to give a go at reviewing the Sailor V manga from Kodansha. It came out much longer than I meant it to, and I’m still not entirely sure if I was able to be clear about how I felt about it. I’m reading Sailor Moon now, and will likely have a review up for that.

I’m reading through Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan volume 4 for a Fandom Post review, and then maybe a review of the Pokemon Black and White manga so I can catch up on that work. After that, I’m not sure; possibly random volumes of Bamboo Blade.

Review Recap: KON, Bunny Drop, Power Lunch & Kurozakuro

I have been avoiding my blog for too long. Particularly I fell behind in promoting my own darn reviews. Here’s what I’ve been up to the last two weeks:

On Suite 101:

  • K-ON! volume 3: How can I be enjoying something so much, and still think it’s mediocre at best? The characters are fun, but gosh this story is shallow.
  • Bunny Drop volume 4: I still love this adorable manga to death, but the drama didn’t grab me as much as previous volumes have been.
  • Power Lunch volume 1: This is a kid’s comic from Oni Press. I discovered it back in May on Free Comic Book Day. It’s just as interesting as I had hoped it would be, just a little short.

Over on Fandom Post:

I’m figuring out how to write a review for GON, the wordless manga bout a jerk-off dinosaur, and I’m reading through the Gandhi manga biography. I’ve also started writing some short reviews for Real Otaku Gamer, starting with My Girlfriend’s A Geek. Hopefully those get up soon…

Review Recap: Chimichanga Graphic Novel

Only one review made it only this week: Chimichanga by Eric Powell. This is a cute graphic novel from Dark Horse, about a bearded girl and her monster that hatches from an egg.

I also wrote a new article for Real Otaku Gamer, going over the new manga portal website, There are some interesting manga up there, but the price isn’t the best. You can read that article here.

I just finished a review for the Fandom Post, so that should be up later this week. I also got a nice new stack from Yen Press, so expect  some reviews of those manga to pop up soon.

All My Little Projects – Writing Updates

As I mentioned the other day, I was recently given the Topic Editor position for Graphic Novels/Comics on Suite 101. While I’m really excited about this – I finally have the chance to take down or fix articles that are poorly written, incorrect, or link to illegal sites – I’ve only had two articles to look at since then, one of them my own. So, I’ll ask again, just in case anyone’s interested: that section needs articles, and good ones. If you have something you’ve wanted to write about, a book you want to review, news you want to share, then sign up through Suite and give it a go. It pays in ad-clicks (though I’ll be honest, it’s peanuts) but it can be fun. I’m personally going to try and pick up the pace on my articles for the site.

Also, at some point I also became the Feature Writer for that section. I’m not sure when it happened, since I didn’t receive an email, but it’s fun nevertheless. Now my name’s on the page twice, ha ha.

I’ve also been in contact with my Digital Manga Guild group, and it looks like we have an assignment. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, so I’ll say nothing, but I’ll let you know how that’s going as new things pop up.

Review Recap: Nura, Mameshiba (And a Request)

This week I actually managed to get two reviews written and posted (I’m getting back into the swing of this, I think). The first was for the second volume of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. While still not my favorite shonen manga of all time, I think it’s starting to grow on me. I’ll be reviewing the second one, to see if it still sticks. You can read my review on The Fandom Post.

The second review was for a comic I read a while ago, but I put off writing about for some reason: Mameshiba: On the Loose! This is a VIZ Kids comic based off the little bean dog merchandise. It’s cute, but definitely, definitely for children. This review is on Suite 101.

Also, if you go to the Suite 101 Graphic Novels/Comics page, you’ll notice that I’ve been named Topic Editor. Fun! Except I’m really the only one writing in there. This is an extra downer since the topic includes subheadings like Classic Comics, which I know next to nothing about. If there are any of you writers out there who would want to write for the Graphic Novels/Comics section (or you know someone interested) you can apply through Suite 101 (I have no say in whether you’re hired). If you have any questions you can leave a comment or message me.

New Online: Oresama Teacher Review, VIZ on Netflix

I’m a bit late with posting this as well. One review and a new article made their way up on Suite 101 last week.

Oresama Teacher Manga by Izumi TsubakiThe first article came from a VIZ Media press release announcing the anime they’re streaming on Netflix instant. VIZ is a bit slow to the game, since FUNimation has already put up dozens of shows, but it’s still great that they’re starting. And it’s interesting, since these series are being streamed in Japanese, rather than the English dub.

I also put up a review for Oresama Teacher volume 1. It was an interesting shojo manga by Izumi Tsubaki, but I’m not sure I’m hooked enough to care what happens next.

Reviews this week will likely be of either Blue Exorcist volume 1 or Kamisama Kiss volume 2, though the newest volume of Black Butler is staring at me.

New Reviews Online: Cross Game 3, Sumomomo 7

Last week I posted my review for Cross Game volume 3, which comes out next week. This manga is quickly becoming one of my favorite manga I’ve ever read, and sits only just behind Twin Spica for best series I’ve started this past year.

On the other end of the spectrum, my review for Sumomomo, Momomo volume 7 was posted on This manga is only good when there are epic fights, and there were no epic fights in this one… I think I quit on this series.

Also, a short news post I wrote for Real Otaku Gamer is now up. Hiromu Arakawa is starting a new manga series! Let’s hope it’s as good as Fullmetal Alchemist, or at least better than Hero Tales.

After a rush to get everything done for my last MFA submission I’ve been taking this week easy, (which is why I’ve been neglecting the blog) but I shall try to get a manga review on Suite 101 this week.