Ah, Rejection

Another rejection letter came in the mail the other day. I believe that makes 5? Ah, well. There are still so many agencies/publishers to send to. And this gives me another chance to edit the manuscript, I suppose–and learn how to write a better cover letter.

Two more Suite 101 Articles since last time: Anime Boston 2010 Announces New Guests, Streaming Anime: Japanese Shows Online. I’m pretty proud of the second article, there, though it doesn’t seem to be getting as many hits.

I got another idea for a longer story that I really like. I hope very much that I can make this one work.

4 thoughts on “Ah, Rejection

  1. Aw rejections are part of the bizz I guess – but it’s good that you keep trying! :D
    I liked your articles this week. I cannot wait for anime Boston! haha and hooray for free online streaming (even though I still empty my pockets for the dvd’s ’cause I hate watching things online lol). I like your articles, and I’m impressed by your writing efforts!

    Miss you (and I’ll see you in 40 days!!!! ish :D <3

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