MFA Semester 4 – Day 5

This was Tuesday, which meant a shortened day and a lack of responsibility.  We started off with mentor meetings to figure out what we’re doing for the semester. Tony helped me figure out what to do for my graduating seminar (in order to graduate I have to impart knowledge of some sort). It was an idea I had considered a little, since its my craft essay over again, but he had a few ideas of how to actually run a seminar on it, which spurred more of my own ideas… I think I have a game plan forming. We talked a little about what we’ll do for my thesis, which will still be the novel I’ve worked on all this time, Speaksong. We both agree that we’re going to get this as polished up as human possible over the four submissions. To start I’m going to send him the whole thing so he can see what it looks like, and then we’ll figure out where all the problems lie.

This was elective seminar day, and I chose to go to the one on the writer/editor relationship. I know very little about the business side of this writing thing, and I think it’s really useful to just have some sort of understanding of what to expect if someone ever does decide “Hey, maybe I’ll publish this lady’s book.” For example, I now know to expect some sort of massive revision request (whether or not that actually happens, I should expect it).

The day was done with that, so I went out with some ladies to eat Mexican food and watch Brave. A wonderful end to the day.

2 thoughts on “MFA Semester 4 – Day 5

    • I enjoyed it. It was a little goofier than i thought it was going to be, I expected the witch to be creepy. I knew Merida had the problems with her mother, but I didn’t realize HOW MUCH of a mother/daughter story this was, and I thought it was great.

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