Bye-bye Borders

Shelf Awareness just posted today that the book selling chain, Borders, is going out of business. For realsies.

Earlier this year the Borders in Nashua crapped out, and I bought quite a few new books. So many, in fact, that I still haven’t read all of them (I have a problem).

Out of the Big Two, Borders was always my favorite, in part because it did a better job of actually stocking the manga I liked to read. I loved going to the Walden Books in my mall, and the Nashua Borders was where I would hang out before going to work… at a bookstore. With no other stores nearby, I haven’t been to Borders since that one closed, so more of my money has been spent in Barnes & Noble and online. And I’ve had no trouble, or lack of fun, getting my books this way. But I’ll still miss Borders, quite a bit.

Now to figure out when the sales are so I can make a trip to Concord…