What to Do at Anime Boston

This year marks Anime Boston‘s ninth year, and also the ninth year I’ve been going to anime conventions.While I’m not trembling with excitement like I once was, I’m still glad to be going back.

In past years I’ve flipped my head over voice actor panels and autographs, but I’m not as excited with those things anymore (I can only listen to Greg Ayres talk about how he became a voice actor so many times, really). But there are only a couple of industry panels, and neither of them are for manga companies. So, what am I supposed to do? I’ve been perusing the schedule, and I think I’ve mapped out a few things I want to at least poke my head in on. Read More »


New Reviews Online: Cross Game 3, Sumomomo 7

Last week I posted my review for Cross Game volume 3, which comes out next week. This manga is quickly becoming one of my favorite manga I’ve ever read, and sits only just behind Twin Spica for best series I’ve started this past year.

On the other end of the spectrum, my review for Sumomomo, Momomo volume 7 was posted on Mania.com. This manga is only good when there are epic fights, and there were no epic fights in this one… I think I quit on this series.

Also, a short news post I wrote for Real Otaku Gamer is now up. Hiromu Arakawa is starting a new manga series! Let’s hope it’s as good as Fullmetal Alchemist, or at least better than Hero Tales.

After a rush to get everything done for my last MFA submission I’ve been taking this week easy, (which is why I’ve been neglecting the blog) but I shall try to get a manga review on Suite 101 this week.

This Week’s Manga Reviews: Very! Very! Sweet Vol 7, Black Butler 4 & Soul Eater 5

On Tuesday my latest Mania.com review was posted, Very! Very! Sweet Volume 7. I took a look at the final volume of this manhwa (Korean comic) back in November when Yen Press sent me the last volumes of three series. I’ve read earlier volumes of the manhwa, and I have to say I really, really enjoy it.

I also got two short reviews posted on Suite 101 for Black Butler volume 4 and Soul Eater volume 5. I reviewed the earlier volumes of both  manga series, and gave them similar grades. For this review, Black Butler got a slightly lower score, while I think Soul Eater is improving.

Two manga from VIZ media came from FedEx the other day, Cross Game volume 2 and Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan volume 1. Seven Seas Entertainment also sent me digital screeners for two of their manga. I should have a review of at least one, hopefully two, of those manga next week.

Reviews: Alice the 101st, Sarasah :: Upcoming Reviews

Alice the 101st Volume 2
Alice the 101st

Two new reviews went up this week. Yesterday I posted my review for DMP’s Alice the 101st volume 2. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first volume, though I thought it was pretty good. Volume 2 started to grow on me, however – characters started getting more interesting, and Max turned out to be just adorable.

My third Mania.com review went up, volume 2 of a manhwa called Sarasah. That was my last review for the trial, now I’m officially a staff reviewer for the website!

I got in a couple more books from VIZ Media to review, House of Five Leaves and Hyde & Closer. I also got an email from a representative at Penguin, and I should be getting the manga biography The 14th Dalai Lama by Friday to review! Other things I hope to get done next week are another Campfire review and volume 2 of Itazura na Kiss. Though, getting all of that done is probably over-ambitious.

I’ve been working on some creative stuff, but I’ll write a separate post for that later.

New Reviews – Garden Sky, Alice in Wonderland, Pink Innocent & Megatokyo

Egads, I’ve fallen behind with this. It’s been a crazy, awful week, so I just kept forgetting to post new reviews. Even with two weeks, there hasn’t been too much added up.

Alice in Wonderland Campfire Graphic Novel

For Suite101, I posted a review for Garden Sky from Digital Manga and Alice in Wonderland from Campfire. To my surprise, Garden Sky was awarded my first ever Editor’s Choice award! Doesn’t do a whole lot for the PVs, but is wondrous for the ego.

Two reviews were posted on Mania: Pink Innocent Vol. 2 and Megatokyo Vol. 6. I think both turned out well. Now I need to finish a review for a manhwa for Mania, but hopefully that will be sent out for tomorrow.

Megatokyo Vol. 6

I work a few less work hours next week, so I hope to get more than a couple reviews done. On top of that, I definitely have to get edits for Speaksong underway and finish imputing some edits to Becky. I’ll have to send my work into Lesley in a couple months, and I’m just so, so nervous that what I send in will somehow not be good enough.