Internet Reads: Watch Your Spaces

This is a new post I want to (try to) make on a weekly basis – hopefully each Friday! I’ll list links to articles on writing and books (some reviews as well, sometimes) that I think are worth the time to read. (Note: I may or may not have stolen this idea from other blogs I look at.)

Since I just came up with this idea, well, today, there won’t be too many. But I’ll collect more for next week.

Of course I’ll start off by again pointing out the new book recommendation site, BookNom. There still aren’t too many reviews up, but it’s just a matter of time – and of new contributors!

Also there is Real Otaku Gamer, which has taken me on as a writer for the manga section. I should have something up there soon.

On the writing side of things, Farhad Manjoo has an article on on why using two spaces after a period is wrong, wrong, wrong. This is amusing, and embarrassing, for me, since I didn’t figure this out until senior year of college (I have an English and writing degree, by the way). Thanks a lot, grade school teachers, you messed me up for years.
Over at Manga Bookshelf Melinda Beasi looks at the three faces of the manga publisher Tokyopop: fangirling, bafflement, and heartbreak. I’ve had plenty of each from that wonderful, silly company. Fans of their manga should take a look.
That’s it for right now! I’ll have at least a few more links next week, for now enjoy your reading (and watch your spaces)!