Graduate School! :: More Articles, Again

I found out yesterday that I’ve been accepted into Lesley University’s Creative Writing for Young People MFA program! I am on the wait list for the fall semester, but I will be definitely be starting in January. This might even be better, since I still need to save up some money for school.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I last posted, so in the mean time I’ve gotten quite a number of articles written. I really should remember to post more often during the week… Anyways, for those who care to look, here they are:

As you might have noticed, I’m not just receiving review copies from VIZ Media now–I received The Night Owls from Zuda Comics, an imprint at DC. I was actually surprised, since I thought I was just going to get volumes from their CMX Manga line, but this might be a little better, even.

I’ve put review highlights under Publications. I’ll probably make a list of other specific articles in that section, too. In the mean time, there’s still a link to my Suite101 profile page.


Suite 101 Articles

I’ve started to get into a better pattern of writing my creative stuff. I also think I’ve about finished editing Becky–for now. I almost just want it published so I won’t be worrying over it any more.

I got quite a few more Suite 101 articles written over the past week:

I got a few more article ideas from going to Anime Boston, so hopefully I get to writing those out today.

Keeping On Writing

In an attempt to find more freelance work I applied to Break Studios. It seems to be similar to Demand Studios, where I pick from a list of articles, except maybe I’d get to write more entertainment articles? Well, hopefully I get picked up by them.

As always, I’ve been writing more for Suite 101. I’ve been trying to write one article a day for a contest, but that doesn’t seem to be succeeding.

Live-Action Bleach Movie in the Works, and The Purpose of Anime Fansubs in the Digital Age. Not too much, but it’s still something.

More Articles-It’s Been a Prolific Week

I’ve got another several Suite 101 articles up — I’ve been on a roll!

Dragon Ball Z Kai Anime to Air on Nicktoons TV, Ristorante Paradiso Published by VIZ Media, Finding Free and Legal Manga, VIZ Anime Interactive Streaming Site Launched, Anime Dubs Announced by Sentai Filmworks, Final Volume of Pluto Manga Released April 6th, Rosario + Vampire Season II Debuts April 6 and Review – Hisashi Tenmyouya Samurai Nouveau.

The review was hard to write, since it was a documentary. I don’t watch too many documentaries, so I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. I actually wound up writing it twice, but I think the final result came out okay. So far my most popular article out of that group is the one on DBZ Kai; people are just really excited about that I guess.

More Articles :: Grad School Process Begun

I’ve managed to put out a few more articles for Suite 101 this week. I’m actually having a less difficult time coming up with ideas than I thought. I guess it’s just more exciting, since I’m actually able to write about things that I care about. I haven’t made too much money doing it yet, but I’m sure having more fun.

In other news, I’ve sent out my application to VCFA. I still need some information to put on my app. for Lesley University before I put that in the mail. I know for sure that David has gotten my emails and will be sending out my recommendation letters, but I haven’t heard back from Tom. I will probably call him tomorrow if I don’t get a response.

I’m a Press Contact! :: New Articles

I’ve been emailing companies to get permission to use their images in articles, and now I’ve been added to the press database for Viz Media. That’s exciting for me, because it means that this is actually a real thing that I’m doing. Also, now I can use images without fear of being sued.

I wrote a little more in Speaksong, and also got my applications together for the MFA programs I’m applying to. VCFA is all set, but I need to figure out how many credits I received at CSC before I send out my Lesley University application. I also have to email my professors to make sure my letters get sent. I also fixed a part of another short story.

I got another rejection letter from a literary agency. I believe that makes four now? Ah, well. Keeping at it.

Here are the two articles I wrote today:


I’ve gotten some new articles published on Suite 101. Since they aren’t appearing on my own profile for some reason, here are some individual links:

For whatever reason I’m having issues with images in my second article. I’m going to keep fiddling with it.

[EDIT] Fiddling was successful! Kind of. Eh.


I just got hired for another freelance gig. I signed on with Suite 101, which is kind of interesting. I get to decide what it is I want to write about, which is both good and bad, since I’ll probably stress over what could qualify as a good article. I also have to submit a minimum of 10 articles every 3 months, which is fine since I work better when I have a quota like that to work towards. All payment is done by revenue share, so I’ll have to see how much money that actually gets me. I submitted my first article just now, so we’ll see how that turns out.