A Year of Reviews

I forgot to post this, but on March 3rd I had officially been writing manga and graphic novel reviews for a year. Wow! Not only am I amazed at myself for keeping up with it, but I can’t believe how many great contacts I’ve made, from publishers to other reviewers who are so smart and funny. Thanks to everyone who has sent me books, responded to my reviews, and even linked to m!

On March 3, 2010, I published my review of Cactus’s Secret by Nana Haruta. My last review was the complete Dragon Girl manga by Toru Fujieda. (Both shojo! So weird.) How am I doing? Am I getting any better?

Cactus's Secret by Nana Haruta
Cactus's Secret
Dragon Girl by Toru Fujieda
Dragon Girl





This Week’s Manga Reviews: Slam Dunk and Dragon Girl

Slam Dunk volume 1, Basketball MangaThis week I got up my first post on BookNom.net, a review of the Shonen Jump manga Slam Dunk. I had gotten Slam Dunk from the library, on a suggestion from Deb Aoki. It’s a fun high school sports manga, and I’m excited to get the next one from the library, whenever I have the time.

I also reviewed both omnibus editions of Dragon Girl from Yen Press. This series, a shojo, as fun, though pretty predictable and cheesy. I loved a lot of the characters, but Hasekura was the man.Dragon Girl Manga, Omnibus 2

I have a few manga sitting around that I don’t have a lot to say about, like K-ON! Vol. 2 and a volume of Ugly Duckling’s Love Revolutionfrom Yen Press, so this week I’ll likely have a group of short reviews. Hopefully I’ll have something written for another website I’m starting for, Real Otaku Gamer, as well.