Stressing Out, Lightening Up

I’ve been feeling brittle, emotionally. Nothing particularly bad has happened, just all the little things adding up and putting their own tiny weight on my anxiety, so that I don’t realize it’s ready to break until it’s near happening.

Just like the little things stress me out, the little things lighten the load.

I got my library copy of I Hate Fairyland vol. 4 by Skottie Young. Nothing like candy-colored massacre to cheer anyone up.

Cheryl Strayed’s soothing voice giving advice on Dear Sugars. She and Steve Almond released their last episode, but I think I’ll go back and listen to some of the ones I missed.

My baby toddler dancing to the concert scene in Sing. It is a sight.

This closeup picture I accidentally took of the wood on our deck. It was a pleasure to find on my phone when I was flipping through videos of my dog and kid.

And writing. Anything I can get it, getting out a chapter while she naps, scribbling a few sentences in my car before walking into work, madly typing up a blog post after she’s gone down for the night and I’ve finally finished those chores.


3 thoughts on “Stressing Out, Lightening Up

  1. Hang in there, Angela :) It feels like everyone is going through a weird, stressed-out, uncertain time at the moment. Maybe it’s a sign of the times, maybe it’s some weird atmospheric shift we all don’t know about yet, maybe it’s just life balancing out itself. You’re not alone, you’re an amazing writer, and that is a beautiful photo of your deck!

    • Thank you thank you! Later that day I was knocked out with some kind of a cold that sent me to bed at 7, so that was probably part of it, heh. I go through periodic waves of feeling like everything is just Too Much, and I think I was in the worst of it, and now I’m beginning to come back out.

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