Things That Cheer Me Up

Between the election and some particularly terrible personal stuff that’s been going on, it’s been a rather craptastic couple of weeks. I haven’t had the time to get all of my writing and house chores/baby prep done, but when I have moments I find myself lying sideways on the bed, staring at the wall. But even as I sink into these moods that range between heart-twisting sadness and an echoing emptiness, there are some things that cheer me up and lift me out.

My Favorite Murder. It’s a comedy podcast about MURDER. But somehow listening to stories about horrible deaths makes me think less about actual death? It helps that the women who head it, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, are hilarious and wonderful.

Steven Universe. Obviously. But sometimes just listening to those songs helps with any panic or anxiety and puts me in a better place.

Bob’s Burgers. I’ve watched each episode of Bob’s Burgers at least twice, most of them more than five times. But I never fail to crack up at one liners and have extreme feelings of endearment towards this weird cartoon family.garbage-angel

My dog. I mean, check her out. She’s just so dang cute. (I also think she knows there’s something growing inside of me and has become even more soft and snuggly in preparation for her new competition.)


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