Sketching 5/19/16

I didn’t mean to post any of these sketches, but hey, I’m out of ideas for blog posts, and I’m trying desperately hard to keep up with my blogging schedule.

The figure drawing guide started to get way too vague for me, not quite showing me any of the inbetweens, so I had no idea if I was following directions correctly. So I got another guide and started copying pictures of models I found on the internet.

Everything is drawn in pencil, then defined/shaded with charcoal.


The pose came out really awkward in this one, but pretty good considering how disproportionate my bodies have been. I have a hard time with feet and hands. But I liked how the face and hair came out.


This next one I mostly wanted to draw the jacket, since it looks like something I picture on one of my characters. Did not quite work.


As you can see I made no sincere attempt with the hands.


Got a bit of a lazy eye going on in that, too.

So, not great. But still something that’s fun to do while watching baking shows.

2 thoughts on “Sketching 5/19/16

  1. Hey! they’re pretty good, I enjoyed your post. Some books I found handy for figure drawing were Manga books. The Manga for dummies was pretty good from memory. That way of drawing helped me with proportions. Now , I draw in a more traditional style. I still have a long way to go myself šŸ˜„

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