Sketching: Body Gesture

In my newfound goal to start drawing again, I’ve been drawing faces and figures. This is all with the lofty, high-art aim of wanting to draw cartoon caricatures of myself. But, I’m out of practice, and really, I wasn’t that great to begin with, so my bodies look weird and disproportional. So, I’ve been looking for drawing books.

The first one I found is, quite luckily, a library e-book that I can look at on my computer, The Energetic Line in Figure Drawing by Alon Bemet. I don’t have experience in these things, so I don’t know if it’s the best book in the world for this, but so far the book teaches to draw the gesture (I’ve had to learn about gesture in my writing, might as well learn it in drawing, too). I’ve only gotten through bodies from the side and arms, but so far I’ve had some fun results.

My inability to draw fingers is revealed once again.


My favorite. Can’t stop, won’t stop.
More dancing people. No explanation on the weird face.

Maybe I’ll keep with this book. At least through how to draw a three-quarter turned figure. Or maybe I’ll just keep drawing different faces.

Oh man and clothes…I don’t know how to draw clothes…

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