Comic Bookish People to Follow on Twitter

I spend a lot of time on Twitter, so, I follow a lot of people. People that I think are great. Particularly, I love following my curated feed of comic people. Not only are they hardworking and talented at their actual profession, but they’re funny, passionate, and seem to just have a drive to find and create good art.

Some of these people I’ve been following for a while, some are artists I’ve found because of the other artists that I follow. If you’re on Twitter, and you love comics, I think all of these people are worth your time.

This post is done as part of The Broke and Bookish Top Ten Tuesday.

Faith Erin Hicks. She’s drawn a lot of great books, like Friends with Boys and, more recently, The Nameless City. She tweets a lot of her process, so following her is basically a sneak peak of all the stuff she has coming out.

Kate Leth. I love Kate Leth. I listened to her podcast while she was still making it, and she’s got great comments on comics and feminism and nerdy things and life, as well as a fantastic undercut. I’ve started reading a few different comics because of her! I would also like to buy half the stickers she made for ECCC but I live on the wrong side of the country…

Jess Fink. I just started following her recently, when a bunch of people on my feed kept favoriting all of her…ahem…Stucky fanart, and I…erm…really liked it *blushes furiously* But she is a really great artist. I haven’t read a full comic by her yet (I’ve got We Can Fix It, A Time Travel Memoir sitting in my book bag right now) but she seems to write a lot of queer comics, which really, there aren’t enough of, and her art is just wonderful.

Becca Tobin. Again, wonderful art! (I’m going to say that a lot here.) On top of that, this weird sense of humor that suits me so, so well. Really, I have to restrain myself from retweeting half of what she says.


Kate Beaton. I’ve talked about her before, too: the creator of Hark! A Vagrant and responsible for that pony shirt I wear a lot. Her history/literature comics are great, but on her twitter she’ll post real life comics of her and her family, which makes me desperately love her family.


Natasha Allegri. The creator of Bee and Puppycat and the woman responsible for Fionna and Cake on Adventure Time. Like other people on this list, she’s got a nice weird sense of humor that I love, love, love. But, to see her art, I would really go to her Tumblr, Pancake Pancake Pancake.

Yuko Ota. One half of the creative team behind Johnny Wander, among other things. Her art’s super adorable.

Meredith Gran. Another webcomic artist! She writes/draws Octopus Pie, a story that has only been beaten by Steven Universe in the amount of feelings it’s given me in the past year or so. She’ll talk a lot about comics, and the industry.

Lucy Knisley. I’ve spent the last year reading her regularly published books, like French Milk, and now I’m starting to work on her webcomic. Overall, she seems like an incredibly sweet person.

Jeph Jacques. OH MY GOD A GUY. I didn’t mean to make this a mostly female list, that just kind of happened, but I wanted to include Jacques, too. He writes Questionable Content, a webcomic I’ve been reading since early college. I’ve even met him at Connecticon a couple of times, and find him to be a generous, friendly person who writes some really funny tweets. Plus he tweets about his dogs! I can appreciate that.

Those are some comic book people I like to follow. Who do you follow? Anyone I should know about? Let me know — I love artists!

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