7 thoughts on “I Started Drawing Again

  1. Good FOR YOU! I am glad you didn’t wander too far before realizing the value of using a pencil versus a tablet or keyboard. You are able to put those down and unwind your mind with a relaxing activity. [As it stands, I need to stop typing and attend some little ones myself.]

    Personally, I never was much of a Sonic fan. But, I did get into Digimon quite a bit. I thought it was going to be a Pokemon rip-off. But, it was surprisingly gripping…minus all the need for more power to beat stronger bad guy stuff which is repeated in so many shows.

    I can’t say I’ve had enough sharing fun with others, though. Sure, there’s that initial smile if someone likes what I drew. But, that goes away faster than a firework pop. It’s fleeting.

    It’s nicer when someone asks you to make them a copy to display somewhere…provided they actually display it in a frame or as a loose poster. Some people get dazzled by talent and WANT but don’t really have a place for such things. It’s one of my concerns when I see the talents of others. I like the works of many artists…I just don’t have enough wall space or money for all that good work.

    So, I start to think maybe an artist’s work is best done in his/her own space and displayed where people may look at it…but not necessarily own a copy…or slap it on a greeting card that gets discarded because people can’t hang onto everything forever. I don’t want my work in a recycling bin until it naturally breaks down after decades or centuries of human existence…unless I really need to make room for someone else. Am I taking up too much space?

    The strange bit is…I’ve never looked at doodling as a means of improving focus. I can see it as a method of relaxing a stressed brain. But, does it help me focus on anything? It’s kinda funny that I wrote it that way into a story of mine. A character doodles to help him answer questions on a test. But, I never actually did that myself. Though, I have gotten in trouble for doodling “on the job.” I doodle to fill gaps in activity or to calm me down.

    Food for thought!

    if you ever want to discuss drawing or Digimon, stop on by my space. :)

    • Doodling’s always helped me focus. I would do it in class in high school a lot, and having my hands focus on that kept my mind from wandering so I could pay attention to what was going on. I did have one teacher accuse me of being rude when I was drawing while a presentation was going on, but then another that let me at it when he realized I could repeat everything he said back to him while I doodled squiggly shapes on my folder.

      • But, adults/teachers always consider it a distraction from class/studies. So, I guess I never could see it as a focusing tool. Again, I just did it to de-stress. Some teachers would get on my nerves; so I needed to do something to remain calm. I used to draw one history teacher into single-panel comic strips and try not to let him see them.

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