Obsessing Over a Trip (Anticipation is Part of the Fun)

In about 30 days, my husband and I will be going on our next Disney World trip. Since the circumstances of this trip are a little different from last time, I was able to spend more time planning everything. That meant digging around for travel agents, booking reservations and Fast Passes, making an itinerary to make sure we fit in the things we’re most excited about, and overall just obsessing over the whole thing.

I took the lead on planning the trip, which my husband was fine with (he’s usually in charge of planning trips, so this was probably a nice break for him) but at one point, during my tweaking and rambling and restaurant review-reading, he had to ask me — was I okay? Was I stressing myself out too much?

Part of the answer was yes, I was making myself a little stressed about it (I’ve always had a deep fear of being prevented from doing what I want to do, even though this is a trip with two people controlled by me). But, part of the stress was from the excitement. As I looked things up and watched videos, anticipation for what we were going to do grew more and more. I got myself excited about the restaurants, and the rides, and the things we plan to see that we’ve never checked out before (we’re heading to Trader Sam’s for a big ol’ overpriced souvenir cup drink). Thinking about the fun I’m going to have is part of the fun, and as much as I stress over whether a lunch reservation should be at 12 or 12:15 (really) knowing that all the bits I don’t want to miss are accounted for with plenty of time to spare gives me a way to calm myself down when my anxiety tries to override, and also I know will help me feel relaxed about the whole thing once we’re actually there.

I’m looking forward to my trip, and that, I’m realizing, is half of the fun of it.

Do you obsess over plans and trips? Do you do it too much? Does it make the trip more fun, or do you keep ruining it for yourself?

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