Moving In, Settling In (and Not Writing At All…)

We finally moved our stuff into our new house on Saturday! This was tiring, stressful…and very time consuming.

Because of that, I didn’t do much of any writing over the weekend, aside from some quick journaling scribbles to sort out my stressors. Even today, I can’t really access my desk, thanks to book box mountain…

If you notice to the right, you’ll see that the boxes partly obscure my desk, so that I can’t even settle in there to try and restart my routine.

I’m going to try and kick myself back into gear today. But I’ve also got some unpacking to do, a nervous dog to comfort, and, well, I unpacked Fullmetal Alchemist last night so obviously I need to reread all 27 volumes of that.

Right now I’m looking forward to my routine improving, after a couple of months living in someone else’s house, and maybe I’ll get my writing (and my querying) on a more productive track.

Has anyone else had their life disrupted by moving? How do you get back into the swing of it? How does your new routine differ from your old one?

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