Writing Updates January 2015

Apparently I can’t do this even every two weeks, so let’s try for once a month and see if I actually remember.

A dark forestI struggled a little writing my current MS over the last couple of weeks. Part of that was due to the holidays — baking, wrapping, eating, drinking, forcing my siblings to play Munchkin, these things take up a lot of time — but I was also just struggling to get emotionally into the scene I was trying to write. So much so that I even spent a few days rewriting it, to see if I liked it better from an entirely different angle (I didn’t). I think the basic shape of it’s there, it just needs more heart. But at least it’s out, so when I go back to a complete rewrite in a few months it will be there to be rewritten.

Even with that out, I’m still in a bit of a rough spot, not entirely sure what the next step in the plot is. So I’m going to my old fall back: type up what I’ve handwritten and hope that gets me back into the groove of the story. It’s worked for me in the past, on this and other stories, so I’m pretty confident it’ll help me out again. I’m also going to spend time reading, both nonfiction with the specific intention of giving me inspiration, and just other books that I can hopefully get myself lost in.

I’m also going to be working on a little more blogging, but I’m always saying that, aren’t I?

So, fellow writers, how’s your work going?

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