Writing Problems: Keeping Momentum

When I’m in the midst of a story I like to write at least a little bit, every day (sometimes weekends are a wash, I’ve learned to deal with it). This can be hard. Sometimes I’m busy (work in the morning) or tired (I slept too long). Other times I just don’t feel like I have anything to write. I feel blocked, uninspired, like everything I would write anyway would be a waste so why bother?

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Rolling rolling down the writing hill…

Luckily, I’m gullible. I’ll tell myself, “Just write a page.” Or two, or three. Depending on the time I have, on what I feel I could be up to. I just have to write as much as I say, and then I’ll stop. And you know what happens? I write it. I get out that page, or four. But it’s a trick, e I keep going. I write for longer than I said I would, sometimes generating an extra paragraph, usually coming up with another few pages.

By pushing myself to my morning goal I get myself rolling down the hill. I’m excited about the story, I have too much momentum, I can’t stop now! So I keep writing, and the pages fill up, and even if I eventually change most of what I put down today, I’m pushing forward — I’m in it.


How do you keep up your writing momentum?

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