Weekly Finds: 10/11/2014

This week I didn’t find something that particularly inspired me about my writing, but plenty that in some way got me thinking about what I’m working on now, and what I want to work on in the future.

On Kathy Temean’s blog, Erika Wassall wrote a post on the Right to Write What You Write. Basically, that you should write the stories that are truly in your heart, not construct, or reshape, stories in the hopes that THOSE will get you published faster than the manuscript you poured your soul into. This made me think of not only my current struggle with querying, but also a manuscript I started working on. Middle grade fantasy seems to be my snug little hole, and I’ve been researching agents that take that on–but the story I’ve been scribbling out lately fits more into the “New Adult” category, which not all the agents I’m looking into would represent. I could age my main character way down, for starts, but that wouldn’t be true to her attitude and life issues, or even to the themes of the story that keep coming clear as I muddle my way through the plot. So, I’ll keep dealing with this story as it is, and deal with it as an issue if it ever actually comes up.

from Wikimedia Commons

I also saw a raven, though I didn’t take a picture (left my phone inside, silly me). Though I (temporarily?) ditched a certain book idea, I did a lot of research for it on crows and ravens, and I think it was because of that I was able to recognize the bird for what it was: bigger than the crows I normally see, it’s partner flying off in a glide, not a series of flaps, and the weird sound it kept crying out, definitely not a “caw”, more like the “quork” I always read books describe (though in my opinion it was a much more musical than harsh sound). I had to move because my dog didn’t understand why I was standing in the middle of the parking lot, staring, but I watched it call out and ruffle its feathers for a couple of minutes. It was great.

Finally, I may have found a NaNoWriMo project for this year! I haven’t attempted the challenge in a couple of years, partly because getting submissions ready for my MFA was my own personal race against the clock, partly because I was always in the midst of another time consuming project. I probably won’t be done writing the rough of my current project by then, but I’m hoping I can figure out how to fit it all in together. For extra challenge, one of my best friends is getting married RIGHT when NaNo starts, so let’s see how devestatingly behind I am when this thing begins.


What’s sparking your imagination this week?


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