So I Have an eReader Now

It was my birthday last week, and the one thing I finally decided on asking for from my husband was a Nook Glowlight. For years I’ve had mixed feelings about eBooks. Paper books are superior in their reading and tactile experience (they are), I like to own things I love, I like to shop for books, and sometimes I feel like the price of the eBook is not worth it as in times when I can get the brand new paper copy for less money than the eBook off the same website.

We got a Nook Color a couple years ago, and I started reading some graphic novels on that. And I didn’t mind it too much. Then recently, the library I work at got their own Nook Glowlight, and I took it home for a spin. It was after that that I decided it was probably worth having, despite my earlier reservations.

  • Traveling. The last time my husband and I took a week vacation, I took a bag of books. Literally, I filled a duffel bag with manga, novels I was reading, novels I might read, books of poems, nonfiction I’d checked out of the library… Really, an excessive number of books. I knew it was excessive. My husband knew it was excessive, but he didn’t say a word. Now, having the Nook wouldn’t have cut down on everything — I actually was reading three of them! — but it can help me reduce the number, and make me less panicky about running out of stuff to read. I foresee particular use for this the next time I’m on a plane.
  • Space. There is no space on my shelves. Most of them are double stacked to some extent. And even though I really, really want to get another bookshelf, I have to agree with my husband that there is no space for the thing in our little condo. I don’t have shelving for every new book I want — but it doesn’t really matter when it’s digital.
  • Books rotating out. On a yearly basis I’m donating bags of books to the library. Some of them are books that I’ve had for a long time, and I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll never read them again, like some of the manga that only appealed to high school me. Then there are others, mostly books I hoarded when I worked at the used bookstore, that I never got around to reading, and now I’m ditching them by the sackful. Basically, I’m getting books out of my way all the time, and while it’s nice to give to the library, it is also a pain to have to regularly dig through my stuff just to keep from tripping or to prevent my shelves from caving in. With the Nook, I can make a wishlist so I remember what I want to read, and hopefully only buy when I intend to read them, and then if they’re cursed to languish it won’t be my duty to haul them somewhere else.
  • Font. I like that I can change the font size. One night when I was very sleepy, I was having trouble reading the words. Then I pumped up the font size and I was able to get through the rest of the chapter faster.

I’m not going to stop buying physical books. Let’s clear that up. I’ll keep buying books by Lesley classmates, and Scott Westerfeld’s new novel is going to find a nice home snuggly on top of other sideways books. Anything important, I’ll buy, even if it means I wind up buying it twice. And I’m still getting most of my reading from the library, I’m not made of B&N gift cards. But I like reading on the Nook, and I like the idea that I can carry a portion of my personal library with me inside my purse.

Do you read eBooks (if not, why?)? What device to you use? Do you find you read more or less with an eReader?

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