Knitting, Not Reading

After taking a hiatus of a few months I’ve cracked open some pattern books and started knitting again. (Who makes scarves in the winter? Summer’s the time for that, obviously.) I like knitting in that once you figure it out and get into the rhythm of it, it’s pretty mindless, and it’s something that I can occupy myself with when I’m visiting relatives or watching TV.

The thing is, I wind up watching a lot of Netflix while I knit, even when I’m all on my lonesome, which in regular circumstances is my Let’s-Devour-Books-In-One-Sitting time. Which is why the other day, instead of finishing Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments (which I totally could have done) or gulping down the writing craft and comic books I paid money for, I watched four episodes of Dr. Who and a bit of Portlandia. I really should keep up with my books, since sort of I’m a writer and I need to be on top of that stuff, but with the sweet shoulder bag I’ll (hopefully) make, and the excellent progress on Dr. Who, it’s all worth it.

My knitting
Making progress, sort of.

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