Picking Out Comics – What the Heck Do Other People Like?

At the library where I currently work, I’m the only person who regularly reads graphic novels. I’ve never hidden that fact — I love comics too much to be very good at keeping that buried — and at one point one of the librarians told me that if I had any purchasing suggestions, I could send them her way. So I have done.

Naruto volume 1
The teens, they love this guy.

Most of my suggestions are followed, which is really weird to me. Because, I’m realizing, while I know what I like, I’m not too sure what the comic-reading patrons of this patrons of this particular library want to look at. Obviously Naruto goes out, and people keep picking up the Adventure Time graphic novel, but they don’t touch the shoujo and I think I’m the only one who cared about the one Tezuka manga we got.

Basically, a lot of the stuff that I love, that I think belongs in a library, doesn’t always seem to catch the eyes of the who actually go to a library for comics. Maybe we aren’t getting the right people in. Maybe there aren’t enough comic readers in this town. But I’m trying to pay attention to what other patrons seem to actually like (more Naruto) and limit my suggestions to things they might actually check out — not just what I want to see.


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