What I’m Reading — Too Much

I’m at one of those unhelpful points in my reading where I’ve discovered I’ve started way too many books at once. Not that I lose track of what I’m reading (simultaneous stories is one of the few things I can actually compartmentalize in my brain) but it’s been taking me much longer than usual to get through each book. Here’s what I’m working through:

The Hundred Secret Senses. I’ve only read a couple other books by Amy Tan, but I’m  big fan of her very character-driven stories. I’m not liking this one as much as, say The Joy Luck Club, but still enjoy seeing how all these little plot lines overlap and twist together. Almost done with this one.

I Was Told There’d Be Cake. I’ve never read Sloane Crosely before, but count me a fan. This is a book of personal essays, a la David Sedaris, and while I think Sedaris is a little funnier (so far, I’ve only read two essays) Crosley’s really winning me over with her childhood memories and paranoid overthinking of what others will think of you when you tragically die. A fun read to help buffer the other stuff.

A Tale Dark and Grimm. Just started this one, but who would I be if I wasn’t reading a children’s book?

Rereading. Yeah, I’m still working on this one.

On top of that I’ve got the book I’m currently reading for review, and two more Jincy Willett books fresh from the library (did you know Amy Falls Down is a sequel? I didn’t know that, no one told me). Not to mention all the other books glaring at me from my shelves or breathing down my neck on my library wait list. I gotta get a move on.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading — Too Much

  1. I’ve always wondered how people can read more than one book at once. I wish I could do that, but my brain isn’t designed to read multiple stories lol.

    The Hundred Secret Senses sounds like a good read. I like character-driven stories.

    • I’m really not sure how I do it–I can’t even keep track of my car keys but I can follow half a dozen stories at once–but it can be helpful. Like, when I’m reading something heavy, like a classic or Infinite Jest (which I forgot to throw up there because I haven’t picked it up in a couple weeks) it’s nice to read something light, like a children’s book or a funny novel. Or, if I just have snatches of time and don’t want to nestle into a big novel, essays and short stories let me at least start and finish something. But, it also slows me down.

      It is quite good, but I’ve also read The Joy Luck Club and Saving Fish from Drowning, and I think I liked those both better.

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