Weekend Links: Analogue Writing and Picking Up Books

  • writingMental Floss reposted an article about writing by hand, which points out the actual benefits of writing your words out on a pad of paper versus typing them on the computer. I’ve pointed out before that I prefer doing most of my writing longhand, at least at first, and it’s nice to see that it’s not just my own perception that I’m better and more clearly than if I were to type everything first.
  • There’s apparently about 28% of Americans who don’t read books at all, including ebooks, which I find mightily disturbing. I know plenty of people who don’t read a lot, but they read a few books in a year. And I know I’m a wee bit of a bibliophile, plus I work in a library, but I just find it strange, and kind of empty, to have a life where you don’t read anything. One thing I didn’t like about the study, though, is that it does not count audiobooks. That’s a bit of a gip if you ask me, since I’ve recently discovered how awesome they are, and there are some people I know who would probably read far less if audiobooks weren’t available to them. I wonder how the numbers would change if audiobooks were included?
  • I also found a new Tumblr to follow. (Someday I’ll use Tumblr as Tumblr, instead of a bunch of sites I check at random through the search engine.) Eat Sleep Read is basically a bunch of pictures and comics about books and reading, so obviously I kind of like it. Other Tumblrs I enjoy: Title 2 Come about writing and Pancake Pancake Pancake because Fionna and Cake and Bee and Puppycat.

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