What I’m Reading: New Loves

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

I finally started reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson after getting the trilogy box set for Christmas. First, I’d forgotten the magic special feeling of holding a fantasy mass market paperback in my hands. There’s just something about the way it fits in my grip, along with the kind of story I’m reading, that transports me back to some good high school aged memories. Second, oh my goodness this series is good. It was published after I’d graduated high school, which is how I forgive myself for taking this long to read it, but it’s so wonderful: interesting, unique magic system, cool characters, and SURPRISE complicated female lead who winds up being the hero. Working on book 2 right now.

I’ve also been working on Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace for the past month now. I couldn’t easily tell you the plot, except that it’s about a weird family that runs a tennis academy and drug addicts, among other things. It’s a hard read, with the style changing from section to section (it will be pages of only dialogue, to a complex description of a game the tennis students play) and I have to read it slowly, oftentimes outloud, and with nothing else to distract me. So, even without the beastly size of it (over 1,000 pages) I wouldn’t be able to sneak reads of this at work. I think I like it, though it’s going to take me another month or two to reach the end.

Rereadings Edited by Anne Fadiman
Rereadings Edited by Anne Fadiman

For Christmas I got a book, Rereadings, a collection of essays on rereading books. I’m really enjoying it, even though most of the essays are about books I’ve never personally read. It’s not just your tastes that evolve and change how you look at a book, but also the way you perceive the world, like Anne Fadiman, who as an adult suddenly notices racist implications in The Horse and His Boy. It’s inspiring me to reread things I may not remember terribly well, and write about how they hold up and how I may interpret them differently now.

I also went to a used bookstore this weekend, so a couple more novels have been added to me “to read” pile. At least I know I’ll always have something on hand.


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