Writing Updates – Misshapen Rough Drafts

  • Yesterday I finished handwriting a rough draft of another middle grade novel. I was really bipolar on this story, having days where I loved it and thought that it was a great idea I could really work with once I got it typed up, and others where I thought I was so stupid for even thinking to write a story like this and I dreamed of dropping it in the toilet or lighting it on fire and just pretending I’d never even made the attempt. (So, I had a normal reaction, then?) I got a little manic while I was writing the ending; I just wanted to get it out, so I wrote several pages as fast as I could, my nose half an inch from the page while I did it. I got most of the plot I’d imagined in those pages, but none of the emotion, so I kind of hate them, and had to stop myself from just rewriting one line over and over again. I want to get at least part of this typed up soon, since I have a couple people in mind that I’d like to show it to for advice on both story and facts, but I need to not look at it for a couple of weeks.
  • I’m typing up another short story that I hope to send to my critique group when my turn comes again. I only hate it about 20% of the time, so I’m feeling pretty good about this one.
  • I’ve gotten a few articles done for Fandom Post, including a review of the latest Avatar: the Last Airbender comic. I’m not as proud of this one as of my last two reviews of these comics, since I think I rushed myself due to being a little behind on my reviewing, so be warned the review is a little more spoilery than I normally like to do. I have finished the last episode of Silver Spoon, which was a great show, but I don’t plan on doing another simulcast, or at least not two at once, for a little while, so hopefully I can just catch up on all the manga I have.

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