Writing Problems: Waking Up to Write

A little while ago I started paying attention to my writing routine. I’ve noticed that, despite my sluggishness and sometimes grumpiness, I work better in the morning. If I can get up at 6, no matter the day, I tend to get more writing of some form (usually creative work, but even reviews or just notes) accomplished.

SleepyBecause I’m so surprisingly a morning person, I decided to start making myself wake up earlier so I can get a start on my writing. For the most part, it works: my alarm goes off at 6, I get up, make coffee, and plop down to write. If I don’t let myself get distracted, I can get some stuff out, or if I do let my distractions overcome, I’m done with them by the time my husband leaves for work and I’m all by myself to concentrate.

Here’s the snag: despite the fact that my brain works better at 6, consistently waking up at this time is becoming more and more difficult. It doesn’t really matter if I’d only naturally sleep for another half hour, coming out of dreams to turn off my alarm is like emerging from a tar pool. Everything, my brain included, feels slow, and I start to convince myself that there’s no way I’d get any good writing done in this state, so I might as well just go back to sleep…

But I drag myself up, even if it takes a few extra minutes. I say good morning to the dog, who looks at me like I am so rude, moving about at this hour. I move around, make the coffee, sit down, and I write. Or at least I pretend that’s what I’m doing.

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