Writing Problems: The Weather

The weather can have a big effect on my writing, not just on an inspiration or an energy level, but on how much I actually produce. When it’s warm out, and the sun is shining, you start to feel a little odd about sitting inside for several hours, pounding at the keyboard. This is especially true when I look out my window and see everyone else in my building going to their cars for a drive, or going out for a walk… basically, basking in a beautiful day while I curl up in the shadows like some sort of goblin, feeling so antsy that I never actually enough work done.

Then there are “bad” weather days, when the sky is gray and it’s raining or snowing — who would go out in that? No one, not if you didn’t have to. So I can sit at my desk, imagining characters and snapping out reviews, pounding out a blog post or scribbling in a notebook, and somehow hit all my writing goals for the day by noon. So everyone can lament the gross days — and trust me, I flinch when I realize I have to go slosh through the parking lot and brush off my car — but boy I love them.

3 thoughts on “Writing Problems: The Weather

  1. Oh, yes – I am the exact same way. I’d never get anything done if I lived somewhere beautiful year-round.

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