New on Manga Bookshelf: Nursery Rhyme Comics

Nursery Rhyme ComicsThanks to school, and my own inability to focus on a single idea, I took a bit of a hiatus from my Comic Conversion column over at Manga Bookshelf. But last week I finally made myself focus and wrote a new article.

For this one I looked at Nursery Rhyme Comics, a collection of adaptations of nursery rhymes from — surprise! — comic artists. There are 50 comics in all, each done by a different artist. I was interested in doing this one since it’s a little different from what I normally review. With the rhymes, you don’t WANT to cut out portions of the text, but then you still want to show something that the text doesn’t necessarily reveal. It was fun to look at, and it took a little less prep work since it didn’t involve reading a giant novel beforehand. (Which reminds me, I want to look at the Thoreau graphic novel next, so I need to finish rereading “Walden”.)

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