Final MFA Residency: Day 2

Today the big event was a series of graphic novel seminars run by Mark Siegel, the president of First Second Books and the author/illustrator of Sailor Twain. Siegel went over how he came up with the idea for Sailor Twain, how he created the images (with charcoal), and what he did over the 9 years it took him to create it. Part of the discussion went into the language of graphic novels, which I already know, but it was interesting when he went over one of the reasons many people don’t like graphic novels, that they don’t understand how to read them. Overall it was extremely interesting and engaging. Lesley put this seminar on in part to test the waters about creating a graphic novel track in the MFA program, and though I won’t be in the program anymore to see it, it will be great if that happens.

There are still a couple of days until my reading and then my seminar. Oddly enough, I’m not too worried about the reading, but the seminar has me nervous — I’m worried it won’t run for as long as it should. Hopefully people ask some questions so we can stretch it out.


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