Final MFA Residency: Day 1

So technically residency started Friday, so this is day 4, but I just got here this morning, so it’s day 1 for me.

I don’t have anything I’m required to do until Thursday, but I decided to come today so I could spend time with my Lesley friends (the ones that are here, at least) and relax with the group. After checking in to the inn I did some seminar crashing, stopping in on Pamela Petro’s Indoor/Outdoor Writing seminar on place. I had taken this one before, but for some reason much of it fled my mind, so I was glad for the chance to take it again. I got plenty of inspiration, and may even get an essay out of it.

For the afternoon all of my friends were busy with their workshop, so I spent time with local friends and their brand-new kitten! (I think they poor caffeine in his food, he didn’t stop moving for one second the whole time.) I made it back in time for the readings: Erin Belieu, the new and hilarious poetry faculty, and Laurie Foos, from fiction. There was also a short word from a woman from Gemma Open Door, a publisher who publishes books meant to promote adult literacy — basically, short, easier-to-read, but still fantastic novels. Five people connected with Lesley have been published through Gemma, so it was interesting to see what many of our peers are doing.

Later I went to part of an awesome open mike session at a small music lounge with some other Lesley people, since another MFA peep was singing. This kind of thing is a bit out of my comfort zone, so I stated off uncomfortable, but she was amazing, as were the other people who sang and played, and I’m thrilled I did it.


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