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December 20, 2012 / Angela Sylvia

New Reviews: Kamisama Kiss volumes 10 & 11

Kamisama Kiss volume 11 by Julietta SuzukiI fell a bit behind on updating on new reviews — sorry!

Over the past week on Fandom Post two of my reviews went up: Kamisama Kiss volume 10 and Kamisama Kiss volume 11. Though I have some minor recurring issues with this series (plot, what plot?) I think it’s one of the better recent shojo manga and I’m generally filled with no small amount of delight while I read it. Check out my reviews (linked above) to see everything I had to say about them.

A new batch of books should be on its way from The Fandom Post, so I should have more reviews going up in January. New reviews for this blog will come, well, eventually.



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  1. writeforabsolution / Feb 12 2013 11:35 am

    This kind of looks right up my alley huh? Hahaha

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