Writing Problems: Ups and Downs of Confidence

My confidence is very vulnerable while I’m writing. One snag in the plot, and immediately I curse myself for ever daring to think I could actually hobble together a story. Or I reach a dead end, something that I know needs fixing but which I cannot imagine beyond what it currently is, and it’s like I’ve been closed in a box, small and tight, and there’s no way out.

And yet…this always passes. Everything rolls in my head for days, and suddenly I start to see solutions. Sometimes these are vague, with the barest idea of what I could do, and involves a bevy of notes and writing a scene over and over again until it sounds right, but it’s a start, and I begin to think that maybe I can do this after all.

Then someone reads my new work, notices another plot hole, and it all begins again.

4 thoughts on “Writing Problems: Ups and Downs of Confidence

  1. Funny how so many writers have that confidence problem, and yet we just keep plugging away, probably because the process is so interesting and the rewards when they come so satisfying.

    • I took an entire seminar in my writing program on how everyone has those voices in their head telling you, “You can’t write, stupid. Go do something else.” The trick is to not believe them. I find that having some sort of support network helps — teachers, friends, spouse, people who you believe when they tell you you’re pretty good at this writing thing and should keep it up.

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