Restless Reading

I’ve been finding my reading habits to be a tad restless lately. For the past couple of months I’ve been starting books, getting partway through…then setting them aside to move on to something else. This is nothing against the books (mostly); a lot of these books that I’ve been chucking aside are old favorites like A Wrinkle in Time or The Hobbit, or books that I’ve been excited to read like The President’s Daughter, the first book in Ellen Emerson White’s series about Meg Powers.

It’s definitely a reflection of my current state of mind; between changing jobs, trying to pull together everything for my last Lesley semester and worrying about getting MARRIED in less than two weeks, my stress levels have been going up and down non-stop like a roller coaster with busted brakes. I can’t seem to concentrate on even things that I enjoy for very long. That’s probably why the only books I’ve managed to finish recently are children’s books like Poppy and Number the Stars  — give me a hundred pages of cute mice or nostalgia and I can make it, but any more of a commitment and, well…better luck in a couple of weeks.
Does your life ever mess up your reading habits? What books do you find helpful, or easiest to concentrate on, when you’re just a bundle of stress?

One thought on “Restless Reading

  1. Hey hey. First off, congrats on the marriage. Second off, try to calm yourself and let things come to you :3

    *says this like he’s some sort of expert, but really is not!*

    As for when I’m dealing with stress, I can’t give you foolproof advice. The only thing I can say is whenever I’m feeling stressed, I try and do something I usually don’t do, like call and talk to a friend or acquaintance, just drink some water, something as a change of pace from the norm.

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