Manga: Bunny Drop Volume 6

Unfortunately thanks to the a bunch of different circumstances I wasn’t able to work my way through as many manga volumes as I wanted. But of course, nothing could stop me from setting on the newest volume of Yumi Unita’s Bunny Drop the second it showed up at my door.

Bunny Drop Volume 6 by Yumi UnitaAdmittedly most of my excitement for this series is leftover from the first four volumes. There we watched new “dad” Daikichi take on the responsibility for Rin, his recently deceased grandfather’s love child. Volume 5 took a sudden leap forward to Rin’s high school years, which added a bit more drama to the manga while unfortunately also cutting away part of what I felt made Bunny Drop so special: love, and how a non-traditional family can still work just fine.

There are some cute moments as Daikichi laments “If I’d figured stuff like that out (love), I’d be way married by now.” And we see how much Rin has grown to be like her caretaker as her and Daikichi chastise her childhood friend Kouki the same way. Despite those instances, Bunny Drop has turned into a completely different manga; namely, a high school drama that focuses on Rin’s relationships outside the family rather than within. As with the last volume this isn’t all bad. This story arc we’re given here is still interesting as Unita examines Rin and Kouki’s relationship and gives an apparent last look at Daikichi’s chances for a relationship with Kouki’s mother.

The outcome is both uncomfortable and intriguing as we see two sets of couples that obviously want to be together that are beset with uncontrollable circumstances that keep the relationships from ever truly working. If this had been in any other comic I probably would have been fascinated, but knowing what the manga used to be, I can’t help but feel disappointed, and a little ambivalent, that this is what it is. Bunny Drop has taken an unexpected turn with the last couple of volumes, and while it’s nice when a story surprises you, this path just isn’t as engrossing. Bunny Drop still has two volumes left to go, but the chances of it coming back to be one of my favorite fines seem pretty slim right now.

A review copy was provided by Yen Press. Bunny Drop volume 6 will be released August 21, 2012.

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