MFA Semester 4 Day 7

Early this morning (okay, 9 o’clock, leave me alone I stay up late) we had the adaptation seminar with Jami Brandli. I wasn’t terribly excited for this seminar since I didn’t see how it exactly applied to my writing. While I still don’t think it will have a huge affect on what I write, I really enjoyed it — we learned what should go into a play or movie adaptation, and how it’s brought about. We also had the chance to bring up really terrible adaptations, something I always love complaining about, so that was a bonus. (Oh,A Ring of Endless Lightmovie…)

After that, the graduating seminars began. I went to one on using meditation and mindfulness with writing. Mindfulness is something I’ve been interesting lately, as evidenced by all those Thich Nhat Han books I own. I liked seeing how that could be applied to my writing life, and I’m motivated to work the whole meditation thing into my day.

After that was lunch, then small group! A Fiction genre student joined our group for this. When I first heard of the set up I was a little uncomfortable; his own work was the opposite of fantasy, and while everyone at Lesley seems open to and excited about the different genres there’s the stigma in parts of the actual real world that writing for children isn’t as challenging or important, so I was initially out of my comfort zone. It was great. He gave excellent comments, and while he kept apologizing for not being familiar with the genre and what’s generally accepted, he noticed things that slipped right by my attention that I should have noted as problems from the beginning. The other Writing for Young People person in our group gave me great comments as well; these are things I think I can carry through the whole piece, which will be great when I go back to edit for my first submission to Tony.

The last two days are coming up, where I basically coast through graduate seminars and bonus sessions. Everything’s been great — I’ve learned so much — and I’m going to miss everyone all over again.


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