MFA Semester 4: Day 1

Yesterday I once again drove in a little too early, around 2 pm, and appeared to beat basically everyone here. I got the key to my dorm room, which has AC, but not its own little parking lot. So, I had to drag my suitcase and too-many bags down the street in 100 degrees, sweating like a pig and almost giving myself heat stroke.

Despite the heat, I was antsy, and kept wandering from building to building even though i probably should have just napped.  Eventually we met the new students, and after some general questions/answers we split apart and got to sit with the new Writing for Young People students — they seem fantastic.

At the reception I got to see more of my wonderful Lesley friends (though thanks to thunderstorms and subsequent delayed flights, my dear friend Rachel didn’t arrive until quite late). At the reading my last mentor Susan Goodman read part of her new picture book about dogs, and gave a cautionary tale of the many things that can go wrong when your book is on its way to getting published. Afterword I remembered to tell her how much my 8-year-old cousin loved her books about poop and pee, and that she needs to write more books about bodily functions so I can be the awesome cousin.

I talked to Tony Abbott, my old and now current adviser, a few times today, too, and he mentioned that all the added scenes in my large and small group submissions surprised him — in a good way! I still dread the hour of focused attention on me, but I can’t wait to hear what his opinion is.

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