Review Recap: Kitty & Dino, Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Last week I reviewed a picture book (not manga) that I got from Yen Press, Kitty & Dino. The basic premise is a boy brings home a dinosaur egg, which hatches. The resident cat is pretty perturbed, but then slowly becomes the dinosaur’s best friend. It’s a very adorable book, and I loved it.

Also, the latest installment of my Manga Bookshelf column was posted. This time I looked at the adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which I really enjoyed, though of course I had a few problems with it.

If I can manage to find the time this week (lots of MFA work due for me) I want to read and review the second Lou! graphic novel, as well as catch up on my reviews for Fandom Post. Let’s see if that happens!


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